Computer Science Education in Utah
Pluralsight One is committed to a future where every K-12 school in Utah provides the opportunity to learn computer science. In pursuit of this goal, we are working closely with state leaders, industry partners, educators, the Utah State Board Association and State Superintendent to achieve:
Adoption of a shared definition of computer science and, separately, definitions of digital literacy and inclusion
The creation of an actionable and robust state strategic plan, with research and development underway
Development of K-12 computer science standards

Progress to date:

  • Through our work with the Utah State Board of Education’s Computer Science Tech Task Force, achieved the adoption of this definition of computer science. Clear definitions will create shared language for cross-sector partnerships and the development and implementation of state computer science standards. This matters to ensure that classes like keyboarding aren’t classified as computer science.
  • Pluralsight One was selected as a member of the State’s Computer Science Tech Task Force. The task force created recommendations that were formally adopted by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) in June 2018.
  • Pluralsight One has been invited to the Board of the Lieutenant Governor’s Tech Pathways program. The purpose of the Tech Pathways Board is to connect the Utah business community, public education and government agencies to ensure workforce readiness that will support and sustain economic growth.
Three main goals:
  • Articulation between three levels of education (K-12 public education, Utah System of Technical Colleges, Utah System of Higher Education)
  • Provide work-based learning opportunities to high school students through job shadows, internships, etc.
  • Provide industry the opportunity to provide feedback and work creatively to help fill the tech workforce needs in Utah.
In collaboration with state leaders, industry partners, educators, the Utah School Board Association, and the State Superintendent, we have identified several ways that you and your organization can get involved. Check out all of the ways you can participate and we will follow up directly with you.

Calling all educators!

Tell us what computer science offerings are available at your local school.

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Advocate for statewide computer science education access
Together we can meet our world’s evolving needs and unlock the potential of our youth. Join us in advocating for statewide computer science education access.
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To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for working tirelessly to create opportunities for Utah’s students. We would like to help Utah become a leader in K-12 computer science education.

Utah is home to the computing revolution that transforms our lives and provides high-paying jobs. Computing is now a fundamental part of daily life, commerce, and just about every occupation in today’s economy. According to the Conference Board, there are more than 4,000 current open computing jobs in Utah, with an average salary of over $81,000, nearly double the the average salary in the state. At the same time, only 405 exams were taken in AP Computer Science by high school students in Utah in 2017. Lack of access in urban and rural schools also creates inequity for underrepresented minority students; in the entire state of Utah, only 4 Black students and 30 Hispanic or Latino students took an AP Computer Science exam in 2017. In order for Utah companies to compete both nationally and globally, we need to make sure every student in the state has access to this foundational skill.

There is unprecedented interest and action this legislative session aimed at expanding computer science in Utah’s K-12 system. The main priority for the state should be for all Utah schools to offer at least one computer science course by 2023 and the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan to do so. A plan should include mechanisms for funding professional development for teachers and developing K-12 computer science standards. Such capacity building will help to ensure that goal can be met through teachers in the classroom and will lay a foundation for sustainable K-12 computer science education in Utah. We want your support for a broad statewide effort to increase student access.

Computer science education draws overwhelming support — not only from the tech industry and its leaders, but among regular Americans who want their children to be prepared for the software century. Our shared goal should be that every K-12 student has access to high-quality computer science. Real progress will require meaningful investment.

We would be grateful if you would consider our efforts to expand this critical subject in Utah’s schools, and would welcome a meeting with a subset of us to discuss how we can work together and make Utah a computer science trailblazer. We truly appreciate all of your work on behalf of Utah’s students.




Aaron Skonnard, CEO and Founder, Pluralsight

Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder, Inside Sales

Josh James, CEO and Founder, Domo

Ryan Smith, CEO and Founder, Qualtrics

Ryan Caldwell, Founder & CEO, MX

Steve Daly, President and CEO, Ivanti 

Karl Sun, CEO and Co-Founder, Lucid Software

Jeramy Lund, Interim CEO, Sorenson Impact;  CEO, XIII, LLC

Ben Peterson, CEO and Co-Founder, BambooHR

Fraser Bullock, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Sorenson Capital

Luke Sorenson, Managing Partner, Sorenson Capital

Ken Davis, CEO and Founder TaskEasy

Clint Betts, Executive Director, Silicon Slopes

Gavin Christensen, Managing Partner, Kickstart Seed Fund

Davis Smith, CEO & Founder, Cotopaxi

Stephan Jacob, President, COO & Founder, Cotopaxi

Ari Ioannides, CEO and Chief Architect, BoardDocs

Gary Crittendon, Gary Crittenden, Executive Director, HGGC, LLC

Dave Bateman, CEO, Entrata

Brad Rencher, EVP & General Manager, Digital Marketing Business Unit at Adobe 

Vance Checketts, VP & General Manager, Dell EMC

Shaun Ritchie, CEO, Teem

Chris Knoch, CEO, Big Squid 

Crystal Maggelet, CEO & President, FJ Management

Todd Mickelsen, CEO, Converus

Brian Beutler, CEO and Founder, ALIANZA

Morgan Davis, CEO and Co-founder, MarketDial

Tim Ballantyne, CEO and Founder, Suralink

Sam Stoddard, CEO, Simple Citizen

Frank Maylett, CEO and President, RizePoint

Kurt Avarell, CEO and Founder, Canopy

Chris Klomp, CEO, Collective Medical

Owen Fuller, GM, Lucidpress

Johnny Hanna, CEO and Co-founder, Homie

Matt Marsh, Principal, Sorenson Capital

Bassam T. Salem, CEO, AtlasRTX

Alex Shootman, President & CEO, Workfront

Jill Krishnamurthy, CEO and President, DUOVenues

Marc W. Chenn, Founder and CEO, SaltStack

Tom Stockham, CEO, Experticity

Sunny Washington, CEO, Because Learning

Howard Hochhauser, Interim CEO, Ancestry

Ammon Cookson, Manager, Domo U 

Eric Summers, Owner, VizYourData

David Reyes, Senior Director for Latam and the Caribbean, Qualtrics

Charles Lukens, CEO, Omadi

Rob Rueckert, Managing Director, Sorenson Capital

Christopher Gibson, CEO and Co-founder, Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Eric Wood, Founder, Dwelo

Ed Gabriel, CPA, Lunsford Peck 

Josh Coates, CEO, Instructure

Mitch Macfarlane, COO, Instructure

Chris Marsh, VP Healthcare Technology, Object Systems International

Nate Quigley, CEO & Co-founder, Chatbooks

Jason W. Arias, Director of Strategic Alliances, Podium Corporation

John Wade, Principal, BrainStorm, Inc.

Eric Farr, Principal, BrainStorm, Inc.

Derek Adams, CTO, BrainStorm, Inc.

Jacob Ong, Managing Attorney, Aspen Tech Law

Tommy Macdonald, CEO, TruHearing

Mitch Macfarlane, COO, Instructure

Ryan Bott, SVP of Global Sales, Sodexo

Brandon Peay, SVP of Strategy and Business Operations, Pluralsight

Todd Stevens, Managing Director, RenewableTech Ventures

Juliana Duran, Associate Director, PandoLabs

Jacob Allen, Partner, Cicero Social Impact

Travis Anna Harvey, CFO, PassiveLogic

Jason Thompson, CEO, 33 Sticks

Colin Lewis, Manager, Technical Enablement, Adobe

Matt Kohl, Senior Manager, Adobe

Ryan Hobson, Group Manager, Adobe

Russell Lewis, Sr Product Manager, Adobe 

Jay Nielson, Manager, Deal Desk, Adobe Systems

Damon Deru, Ceo , AdvisorPeak

Matthew Lloyd, Co-founder CRO, Affinity Canvas 

Jessie Warner, President , Aktify

Paul Smart, Principal Product Manager - Tech, Amazon

Lauren Williams, , American Express

Mark Mitchell, Senior Software Tester, Ancestry

Adam Sorensen, Director, Total Rewards, Ancestry

Bryce Clarke, Director of SEC Reporting & Internal Controls, Ancestry

Brian Hansen, SVP Emerging Businesses, Ancestry

Cary Hoddy, Senior Development Director, Ancestry

Dallin Hatch, PR Manager, Ancestry

Derek Parker, Assistant Controller, Ancestry

Ed Gwynn, Vice President, Ancestry

Harold Madsen, Director of Engineering, Ancestry

Jonathan Alleman, Tax Director, Ancestry

Jamie Dalton, Product Mgmt, Ancestry

Jonathan Groberg, VP, Ancestry

Jeff Heaps, Director, Content Publishing, Ancestry

Jonathan Lofgren, Learning & Development Mgr, Ancestry

Josh Murano, Solution consultant - analytics, Ancestry

Jon Laudie, Director Finance, Ancestry

Kenny Freestone, Product Director, Ancestry

Mark Larson, Director, Ancestry

Mark LeMonnier, VP of engineering, Ancestry

Nicholas Rico, Sr. Director Marketing Strategy, Ancestry

Natalie Munk, Corporate Controller, Ancestry

Russ Barnett, Chief Architect, Ancestry

Trevor Lucas, Sr. Director, Ancestry

Thomas Olsen, Software test manager, Ancestry

Scott Christensen, Director of Operations, Ancestry ProGenealogists

Geoffrey Rayback, Senior Software Development Manager, Ancestry, Inc.

Devin Parkes, Manager,

Eric Zimmerman, VP, Platform and Infrastructure,

Grant Johnson, DIR IT Compliance,

Michael Russo, Systems Administrator,

Micah Woolstenhulme, Consultant, AppGlo

Ryan Taylor, Sales Manager, Aptive

Andrew Dent, Partner, Aries Capital Partners

Judd Tolman, Vp of sales, Awardco 

Andrew  Burnett, Controller, Banyan

Jed Merrill, President, BEST Police Training, LLC

Jeremiah Kavanaugh, CEO, Bivouac Inc.

Ric Nevarez, Vice President, BPU

James Garrett, Founder & CEO, Brain by Design

Jarrod Ribble, CTO, Briostack

Mike Sorensen, VP Engineering, Briostack

Spencer Vail, MBA, BYU

Tom Gilbert, MBA Student, BYU Marriott School of Business

Kiera  Griffis, Marketing and events coordinator , Canopy 

Robert Beal, CardioPlay

James Crafa, Sales, Carta

David Roghaar, Manager Inside Sales, CenturyLink

Scott Stone, CMO, Chargeback

Kooper Barton, Product Owner, Chatbooks

Sebastian Hoffman, Manager of product management, Circlepix

Filiberto LeDezma, Corporate Vice President, Concentrix

Matt Frandsen, Director, Concentrix 

Brian Johnson, Sr. Manager Finance, Connor Group

Tanner Johnston, Venture Partner, Contrary Capital

Alec LaLonde, Co-founder, Convergence Labs

Alan Harwood, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Cox Automotive

Cade Mellies, Associate, Crewe Capital

Chandler Kahl, Owner, Cuate Apparel

Jeff Fuhriman, Owner, Dapper & Dash

martinn senn, ceo, davinci virtual office solutions

Jacob Sperry, Founder, Daylight Equity LLC

Brad Zobrist, Sr. Director IT Operations, DealerSocket

Cody Monson, Partner, Dentma

Tracy Field, Project Manager, DevPoint Studios

Brent Winterton, Manager, Differential Management LLC

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, CEO, Digital Respons-Ability

Chad Doezie, Product Manager, DirectScale

Jon Bennion, VP of Vertical Sales, Disruptive Advertising

Brian Carter, Executive VP, Diversified Insurance Group

Spencer Hoole, President/CEO, Diversified Insurance Group

Jake Fackrell, CEO, Domega

Chris Willis, Chief of Design, Domo

Jack Champion, HR - Payroll, Domo

Jared Conley, Marketing, Domo

Richard Carey, Solution architect, Domo

Rogelio Bonilla, Software engineer, Domo

Shaun Quinton, Technical analyst, Domo

David Nutter, Owner, Drumbeat Ninja LLC

Linda Rawson, CEO, DynaGrace Enterprises, Inc.

Mike Milbury, MBA Candidate , Eccles school of Business

Barclay  Burns , Professor of Entrepreneurship , Eccles School University of Utah

Tom Caswell, CLO, Education Services LLC

Tom Caswell, Co-Founder, Education Services LLC

Brandon Fish, Vice President of Human Resources, Entrat

Eric  Bjornn , Director , Entrata 

David Wilson, Partner, ERM

Jon James, CRO, Evelar Solar

Nathan Farnsworth, Engineer, Factory 6

Alexis Sakellariou, Director of Client Success, Fewer Hats

Brad Giles, VP Acquisition & Development, Four Foods Group

Josh  Boshard, COO, Four Foods Group

Taylor DeHart, Finance, Four Foods Group

Charlie Lynch, Director, Franklincovey

Ken Meyers, Founder and CEO, GoReact

Ben Schmuhl, CTO, GoReact

Daniel Dura, CEO, Graphium Health

Ryan Voorhis, VP of Operations, Grow

Parker  Hansen , Manager of people ,

Jeffrey Peel, CEO, Guavo Inc.

Dan Burton, CEO, Health Catalyst

Stephanie Larsen, Benefits and Wellness Manager , HealthEquity

Josh Neumarker, Director Biz Dev, Homie

David Bascom, CMO, Homie 

Kem Elbrader, Co-founder, Hoodoo Digital

Adam Hellewell, Technical Director, HQ

Jason Huck, Team Head, HSBC

Giuseppe Vinci, Market Development Manager, Hudl

Kevin Pferdner, VP of Sales, HyperX Media

Matthew Brady, CEO, I-O Corporation

Amelia Wilcox, CEO, Incorporate Massage

Benjamin Drewry, General Manager, Innovative Harbor

Blake McClary, Product Manager, Instructure

Kurt Showalter, Director, Channel Partnerships, Instructure

Stephen Arntz, Product Manager , Instructure 

Yvette Arts, VP Business Development, Intelligent Image Management, Inc.

Trisha Martinez, Quality/Education Director , Intermountain Healthcare

Todd Williams, CEO, InZazu Technologies

Austin Miller, Managing Partner, IsoTalent

Colin Peterson, Managing Director, IsoTalent

Blake Leszczynski, CMO/Founder, JANIIS

Brett Jackson, Scrum Master, Jive Communications

Chad  Ingram , CEO , JJUMPP

Bryan Jackson, Front end team lead, Jolt

Jarrod Perry, Vice President, Key Bank

Andrew Wan, Partner, Larson & Company

Joshua Foster, It specialist, Lendio

Kevin Grange , Partner, Lowenstein Sandler 

Bradley Smith, CTO, ManagerPlus Solutions

Gary T Forbush, President, MarketAware

Adam Flamm, VP Ops, Marketware

Ken Bailey, CEO, MDSC

Karmel Larson, Founder, Momni

Brad Jensen, VP Sales, Motivosity

Scott Johnson, CEO, Motivosity 

Carla Pitcher, , Ms.

Zachary Barney, Head of Inside Sales, Nearmap

Mark Rasi-Koskinen, Director, Engineering, Nice inContact

Samuel Fisher, Platform Product Manager, Nice Incontact

Nate Boden, VP Engineering, NICEinContact

Jonathan Tanner, VP Business Dev, Nightingale

Carolynn Duncan, Founding Partner, Northwest Social Venture Fund

Brent Glover, Director of Software Engineering , Novarad 

Garret Brinkerhoff, Supply Chain Director, Nu Skin International

Robert Oakes, CEO, Oak-Tree Engineering

David Carr, CTO, ObservePoint

Spencer Harman, Director of Product, Omadi

Nick Lewis, Director of Client Operations, Omadi

Michael Smith, President , OneCounts, Inc

Vern  Christensen, Managing Director, Outlook Capital

Claire Howe, Senior IT Project Manager, Overstock

Tyler Cook, Product Executive, Overstock

Victoria Vincent, Analyst, Overstock

Audra West, Director Business Intelligence, PlanSwift Software, LLC

Alejandro Romero, Head of Analytics and Engineering - Marketing and Sales, Pluralsight

Alicia Azulay, Division Controller, Pluralsight

Anita Grantham, Chief People Officer, Pluralsight

Ben Brown, Product Manager, Pluralsight

Brad Romney, Head of Experience Strategy and Operations , Pluralsight

Brian Cressall, VP of Engineering, Pluralsight

Brian Hutcherson, Regional director , Pluralsight

Brian Rogers, Event Marketing Manager, Pluralsight

Camille Robb, Account Development Manager, Pluralsight

Collin Burton, , Pluralsight

Conner Shaw, People Business Partner, Pluralsight

David Platt, VP Product, Pluralsight

Eric Teuscher, Head of Strategy & Business Operations, Pluralsight

Felicia Smallwood, Enterprise AE, Pluralsight

Frank Selinger, RVP Northeast, Pluralsight

Gary Eimerman, VP of Content Production, Pluralsight

Geoffrey Rothbard, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Grant Judd, Enterprise AE, Pluralsight

Greg Wilson, Director of Presales, NA West, Pluralsight

Grey Elerson, PS Mentoring Community Manager, Pluralsight

Heather Zynczak, CMO, Pluralsight

Holly Bowden, Director of Customer Success, Pluralsight

Jared Gilbert, Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Jason Jones, Director of Engineering, Pluralsight

Jeff Petersen, Sales, Pluralsight

Jimmy Wing, Corporate Controller, Pluralsight

Alvin Bailey, CTO, Pluralsight

Jordan Carver, Business Development Manager, Pluralsight

Kyle Woodruff, Director Corporate Marketing, Pluralsight

Lany  Watkins, Event Manager, Pluralsight

Lindsay Bayuk, VP of Product Marketing, Pluralsight

Mark Weidling, VP Sales, Americas Enterprise, Pluralsight

Matthew Tenney, Head of Legal, Pluralsight

Michael Featherstone, VP of EMEA Operations, Pluralsight

Mike Soldan, VP - Solutions Architects & Professional Services , Pluralsight

Nate  Walkingshaw, CXO, Pluralsight

Reece Rovig, Director, Commercial Sales, Pluralsight

Roman Valentine, Product Manager, Pluralsight

Ron de Bakker, Head of Marketing Northern Europe, Pluralsight

Ryan Boyle, Business Development Representative, Pluralsight

Ryan Fincher, VP of Sales, Pluralsight

Scott Deadrick, , Pluralsight

Shauniquea Eure, Field Marketing, Pluralsight

Tina Hiller, Account Executive , Pluralsight

Tom Lepp, Region Director, Pluralsight

Trenton Bond, Head of Information Security, Pluralsight

Wendy Jensen, Director Partner Marketing, Pluralsight

Wendy Nagy, Customer Success Manager, Pluralsight

Aaron Patterson, Director of Partnerships , Pluralsight 

Grimesh Vadher, Mr, Pluralsight Europe

Cara Baldwin, Senior Legal Counsel, Pluralsight, LLC

Patricia Tueller, Director of Sales - State & Local , Pluralsight, LLC

Kamiel Sumsion, Sales recruiter, Podium

Paul Ricks, Training Manager, Progrexion Holdings

Eric Evans, Tax Director, PwC

Ryan Smith, Ceo, Qualtrics

David Cawley, Head of Information Security, Qualtrics

Jenny Lieb, Manager, Qualtrics

Armando Tavares, UX Engineer , Rain Retail

Rob Openshaw, Sales, Reading Horizons

Bruce Hassler, CTO, RevRoad

Peter Skalla, SVP Strategy & Scaling, RevRoad Ventures

Jared Olsen , CEO, REYFYA

Trevor  Heiner, Vice President , Ridgeline Capital Group 

Dan Allred, VP of Sales, Right Think

Jonathan Greene, CEO , RocketSource

Pete Zeigler , Director of Education and Compliance, Rocky Mountain Care 

Ken Knapton, CIO / Founder, Rocky Mountain CIO

John Neilson, Director of sales, Sage IT Communication

Barima Kwarteng, Cofounder, SalesRabbit

Bryce  Hansen, Associate Director, Salt Lake Small Business Development Center

Greg  Woodward, CFO, Sorenson Media

Jeremy Winn, Investor Relations , Spekto Holdings LLC

Tanner Lacey, Director of Operations, Spiff Inc.

Rich Day, Principal , STAY Capital 

Parker Grant, Director of Finance, Studio McGee

Nathan  Northcott , Business Operations Analyst, Studio McGee 

Scott A Walker, CCO, SwimKids

Jared Loosli, Director of software architecture, TCS

Nate Boyer, President, The Boyer Company

David Politis, President & CEO, The David Politis Company

Jordan Roper, VP of Marketing, Toolkite

Jeremy  Andrus, CEO , Traeger Grills

Glen Mella, CEO, Tranxend

Ryan McCoy, CEO, TravelPass Group

Jonathan Engle, Associate, University Impact Fund

Robert Taylor, Valderee

Keith Williams, Director, Compensation and Benefits, Vivint

Todd Pedersen, CEO, Vivint

Ammon Williamson, , Vivint Smart Home

Giuseppe Vinci, CEO, VolleyMetrics

Kirk Baum, Advanced Software Engineer, Warner Brothers Entertainment

Josh Coffin, Product Manager, Workday

Steve Finch, Sales Engineer Manager, Workfront

Nathan Allphin, Co-founder, Xerva

Nicholas Ethan, Ceo, YachtMoney

JJ Steadman, Sr Search Marketing Manager, Young Living

Chris Weidemann, Dir of Product Development, ZAACT

Renato Villanueva

Robert Andersen 

Connor Lee Wen 

David Young 

Glen Lewis

Joel Grasmeyer

Harvey Dam

Jim Bradshaw

Jill Wiggins, Sr Director, Business Operations, 

Scott Nelson 

Spencer Hill 

Chris Jackson

Porter Williams


Governor Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah

Lieutenant Governor Spencer J. Cox, Lt. Governor of Utah

Gail Miller, Chairwoman of Larry H Miller Group; Philanthropist

Jim Sorenson, Chairman of the Board, Sorenson Media

Sean D. Reyes, Utah Attorney General

Derek Kitchen, City Councilman District 4; Owner, Laziz Kitchen

Sara Jones, COO, Women Tech Council

Cydni Tetro, CEO and President, Women Tech Council

Kara Cody, Programs Director, Park City Education Foundation

James Jackson, III, Executive Director, Utah African-American Chamber of Commerce

Jason Mathis, Executive Director, Downtown Alliance & EVP, Salt Lake Chamber

Brian Johnson, President, CEO, Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce

Courtney Wells, Head of Client Success, Chargeback

Ilya Reznik, Data Scientist, Adobe

Reed Wilson, Software Engineer,

Amy Parrish, Owner, Big Splash

Gina Evans, Business Development, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Patrick Zachman, Field Application Engineer, Harman International

Joshua Aikens, CMO, iGlobal Stores

Ethan Winkleman, Product Manager, Imagine Learning

Jenn Packham, Principal Recruiter, IsoTalent

Henry Haskell, Board member,

Chad Bagley, Intern, Observe Point

Emily Roeder, Lead Graphic Designer, Pluralsight

Mace Glazier, Analyst, Pluralsight

Jordan Cooper, Software Apprentice, Pluralsight

Kim Pocus, , Pluralsight

Koffi Sessi, Curriculum Manager, Pluralsight

Maxwell Johnson, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Pluralsight

Ryan Haws, Business Development , Pluralsight

Ryan  Stowell, FP&A Manager , Pluralsight

Ben DeMordaunt, CS Student, Student 

Mara Shelley, Event Tribe leader,

Kathleen Riebe, Board Member / Ed. Tech , USBE / Granite District

Valerie Walker, Co-founder, Wizarding Dayz LLC

Alex Uribe, Product Manager

Luke Embley 

Sarah Clark

Jason Cameron


Jeff Stephens, Superintendent, Weber School District 

Kent R. Larsen, Superintendent, South Sanpete School District

Reid P. Newey, Superintendent, Davis School District

Steven E. Carlsen, Superintendent, Box Elder School District

Dr. Lance Hatch, Superintendent, Carbon School District

Sam Jarman, Superintendent, Alpine School District

Ben Dalton, Superintendent, Kane County School District

Larry Bergeson, Superintendent, Washington County School District

Shannon Dulaney, Superintendent, Iron County School District

Larry Davis, Superintendent, Emery County School District

Lexi Cunningham, Ed.D., Superintendent, Salt Lake City School District

Jennifer Covington, Superintendent, Murray City School District

Dr. John M. Fahey, Superintendent, Wayne County School District

Samuel Ray, Ed. D., Superintendent, North Sanpete School District

Dr. Rick L. Robins, Ed.D., Superintendent, Juab School District

Rick Nielson, Superintendent, Nebo School District

Cade Douglas, Ph.D., Superintendent, Sevier School District

Steve Norton, Superintendent, Cache County School District

Dale Lamborn, Superintendent, Rich School District

Martin W. Bates, Ph.D., J.D., Superintendent, Granite School District

Dr. James Briscoe, Ed.D., Superintendent, Canyons School District

Heather Glover, Computer Science Teacher, Kanab High School

Helen Hu, Ph.D., Westminster College

Dallin Graham, USU Extension STEM Professional Practice Assistant Professor

Clay Christensen, College President, Mountainland Technical College

Holly Peterson, Vice President of Instruction, Mountainland Technical College

Dr. Ember Conley, Park City School District Superintendent

James Stocks, Ed.S., Director, Career and Technical Education, Grand County School District

Sara Bohmholdt, Education Enterprise Campaign Manager, Adobe

Karsten Walker, CTE Program Area Specialist, Alpine School District

Kristal Ray, Academy, Amazon

Matti Sorensen, Adobe Analytics Specialist, Ancestry

Codie Braegger, IT Instructor, Bridgerland Technical Collage

John Davidson, Vice president, Bridgerland technical college

Rynell Lewis, Program Coordinator , BYU

Jay Welk, CTE Director, Davis School District

Kristin Smith, Teacher, Davis School District

Jeri Larsen, Sr. Curriculum Manager, Domo

Amber Alvarez, VP Creative Learning, Fuze Play

Ed Mondragon, CTE Coordinator - IT/STEM, Granite School District

Tony Curtis, Technical Program Manager, Health Catalyst

Jordan Price, Mr., Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Melinda Mansouri, Web Design/Development & Game Design Instructor , Jordan School District - JATC South

Melissa Bowman, Mom, Kindergarten teacher

Donny Helvey, Teacher, Merit Academy

Tyrel Mikesell, Assistant Principal, Morgan High School

Sarah Ware, CTE Director , Multiple Charter Schools

Jason Hammon, Manager of Learning and Instructional Design, Neumont College of Computer Science

Mark Houtz, Network Engineer, Northeastern Utah Educational Services

Nate Taggart, Director of Business Operations, Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering and Science

Adam Fortuna, Product Manager, Pluralsight

Arthur Oates, Solutions Architect, Pluralsight

Rachael Bailey, Production Editor, Assessments, Pluralsight

Reuben Carlile, Enterprise Technical Account Manager, Pluralsight

Stefan Nychka, Technical Support Specialist, Pluralsight

McKay Jensen, President-Board of Education , Provo City School District

Andrew Dadson, VP, R2T

Weston Taylor, Counselor, Rich High School

Chuck Parker, director, workforce training and continuing education, Salt Lake Community College

Whitney Wilkinson, Assistant Professor of Marketing , Salt Lake Community College

Michael Wigton, VP, Scalar

Robert Robertson, Department Chair, Southern Utah university

Drew Mingl, State Data Coordinator, State of Utah

Bryan Scott, Software Development Instructor, Tooele Technical College

Paul Brown, Professor, University of Utah

John Melchi, Director, Business Affairs, University of Utah School of Computing

Dannon Loveland, Career Coach, Utah State University

Nathan Laursen, Media Program Coordinator, Utah State University

Paul Hill, Extension Associate Professor, Utah State University

Taci Watterson-Balls, AIS Advisor, Utah State University

Eden Renee, , Utah University 

Jessica Gilmore, AVP Community Outreach & Economic Development, Utah Valley University

Kirk Tyler, , Utah Valley University

Alex Lawrence, Assistant Professor, Weber State University

Brian Rague, Department Chair, School of Computing, Weber State University

Rachael Larsen, Senior Product Manager, Western Governors University

Chris Rees

Christian Adams 

Jake Trent 

Vijay Kannan


Hadi Partovi, Founder and CEO,

Lindsey Kneuven, Head of Social Impact, Pluralsight

Rich West, CEO, YMCA of Northern Utah

Ainsley Lloyd, Executive Director, Quatere

Ian Shelledy, Director of Innovation, The Leonardo; Co-founder, Sustainable Startups

Jake Baskin, Incoming Executive Director, Computer Science Teachers Association

Clark Merkley, Executive Director, BootUp PD

Jason Rohloff, VP Government Relations, College Board

Chris Conard, Executive Director, Playworks Utah

Bill Crim, Executive Director, United Way of Salt Lake

Brent Petersen, Executive Director, STEM Partners Foundation


Karley Mackay, Marketing Analyst, 3M

Erin Hirtle, Talent Acquisition Lead, 3M 

Blake Williams

Ambria Johnson, Sr. Program Manager , Adobe

Carl Sandquist, Mobile Solution Expert, Adobe

James Delorey, Computer Scientist, Adobe

Christopher Jensen, Global Lead, Adobe

Kelly Nicholes, Computer scientist, Adobe

Matthew Gould, Software Engineer, Adobe

Devin Parsons, Software Security Engineer, Adobe

Ryan Hamilton, Technical Support Engineer, Adobe

Trent Beck, Conversion optimization manager, Adobe

Shauna  Ehninger , Front End Engineer , Adobe

Micah Melville, Contract Analyst, Adobe Systems Inc

Brian Frederickson, President, AeroMed Precision

A.C. Ivory, Sr. Product Manager, Ancestry

Amanda Jensen, Executive Assistant, Ancestry

Aaron Spainhower, Senior Software Engineer, Ancestry

Becca Dodds, ITSM/ITOM Process Manager, Ancestry

Brian Kerr, Senior Software Engineer, Ancestry

Brad Keck, Software Engineer, Ancestry

Blake Scarbrough, , Ancestry

braidy mills, DNA Operations Administrator, Ancestry

Brian Mortenson, Software Engineer, Ancestry

Brittney Tibbetts-Phetchamphone, Analyst, Ancestry

Brandon Buttars, Recruiting Coordinator, Ancestry

Creighton Ercanbrack, , Ancestry

Carlos Gurr, Database Administrator, Ancestry

Cameron Larsen, System Analyst, Ancestry

Camille Penrod, , Ancestry

Chris Sanders, Sr. Director Data Platform, Ancestry

Daniel George, Android Developer, Ancestry

Dave Bates, Assisting Editing Manager, Ancestry

Deb Bell, Sr. Editing Services Manager, Ancestry

David Delphenich, Sr. Interaction Designer, Ancestry

David Godfrey, Sr Software Engineer, Ancestry

David Murdoch, Dev Manager , Ancestry

David North, Principal Engineer, Ancestry

DeShawn Smith, Engineering Manager, Ancestry

Emmanuel Rivas, Content Publishing Analyst, Ancestry

Francely  Fierros, Social Media Customer Service Representative, Ancestry

Gary Mangum, Sr Development Manager, Ancestry

Renee Hornback, Software Tester, Ancestry

Hal Shearer, sr software developer, ancestry

Jay Askren, Senior Software Engineer, Ancestry

Devin Jefferies, Salesforce Administrator, Ancestry

Jessica Fitt, Marketing Manager, Ancestry

Joshua Perlman, Associate Genealogist, Ancestry

Jennifer Utley, Director of Research, Ancestry

Krysten Baca, Genealogist, Ancestry

Phani Balusu, Software Development Manager, Ancestry

Kellie Hatch, Front End Developer, Ancestry

Kyle Miller, Technical Product Manager, Ancestry

Laura Arellano, L&D, Ancestry

Daniel Larsen, Senior Software Engineer, Ancestry

Lauren Treasure, Senior product manager, Ancestry

Lara Frohnapfel, Coordinator, Learning & Development, Ancestry

Lincoln Jacobs, Sr Software Engineer, Ancestry

Michael Pope, DNA Program Manager, Ancestry

Maria Fabiano, Data Science Co-op, Ancestry

Meg Quigley, Director, Corporate Communications, Ancestry

Mike Spong, Software Engineer, Ancestry

Peter Mueller, Front-End Developer, Ancestry

Natalie Grigg, Marketing CRM Manager, Ancestry

Nikki  Farnsworth , Customer Solutions, Ancestry

Patrick Morrow, Principle Software Engineer , Ancestry

Paul MacKay, Software Engineer, Ancestry

Quinton Atkinson, Senior Director of Content, Ancestry

Ryan Dopp, Head of Software Quality, Ancestry

Bob Hart, Senior Product Manager - DNA, Ancestry

Samuel Dauphinee, Supply Chain Co-Op, Ancestry

Stephane Grossi, Manager of Business Analytics, Ancestry

Shaun Hawley, Software Engineer, Ancestry

Stephanie Zupancic, Associate Data Warehouse Developer, Ancestry

Stephen Burns, Software Architect, Ancestry

Shawn Reid, Development Principal, Ancestry

Steven Schmidt, Front End Developer, Ancestry

Steve Stalder, Program Manager, Ancestry

Susheel Chanda, Software engineer, Ancestry

Tim Fratto, Senior Software Tester, Ancestry

Traci Vaughn-Grutta, Sr. Manager, Operations, Ancestry

Virginia McAlister, Research Team Manager, Ancestry

Yijun Wang, SDE, Ancestry

Wes Cook, Manager, Ancestry

Wade Hadlock, Senior Data Engineer, Ancestry

Wendi Woolf, Exec Asst to CEO, Ancestry

Zak Beatty, Senior Development Manager, Ancestry

Chad Bitter, Sr Data Warehouse Developer, Ancestry

Aubrie Moore, Operations Specialist , Ancestry 

Giselle Doolan, Senior Program Manager, Ancestry 

Jill Baggs, Client Relationship Manager, Ancestry ProGenealogists

Nathan Davis, Client Relationship Manager, Ancestry ProGenealogists

Crista Cowan, Corporate Genealogist,

Diane Graybeal, Vendor Management Processor,

Jane Saafi, Payroll Specialist,

Joseph Sansom, Operations Support Specialist,

Kenneth Angell, Architect,

Kenneth Perucca, Principal Software Engineer,

Mayson Astle, Obit Editor,

Michael Kirsch, Sr. Software Engineer,

Mallory Parsons, Vendor Management Analyst,

Michael Roebuck, Senior Android Developer,

Nathan Feltch, Software Engineer in Test,

Nick Stoddard, ,

Naataanii Tsosie, Associate Software Engineer,

Rob Wood, Senior Software Developer,

Spencer Bagley, Business Analyst ,

Tami Deleeuw, Sr Manager, Ad Operations,

Zachary Hamilton, Associate Genealogist,

Tyson Lawrence, Senior Software Engineer,

Michael Page, Infrastructure Analyst, Operations Inc

Merrilynne Harrington, UX Designer, DNA, AncestryDNA

Jasmine Vasquez, Writer, AncestryProGenealogists

Marilyn  Sparks , Learning & Career Development Partner, AncestryProGenealogists

Terri Hampton, Client Relationship Manager, ancestryProGenealogists

Jeremy Casper, Sr software engineer, Ancesty

Jocelyn Crockett, Account Manager, Apex Systems

Dan Carlile, Partner, Aqua Design

Tyler MacKay, Associate, Assure Services

Blake Mowen, SEM Consultant , Boostability 

Bryant Boyer, Product Manager, BrainStorm Inc.

Braden Watkins, Undergraduate Student, Brigham Young University

Michael Hansen, Student , Brigham Young University

Brigette Valdez, , Brigham young university

Derek Egan, MBA, BYU

George Simons, Student, BYU Law

Daniel Criddle, Student, Byu Mba 

Andrew Young, Product Manager, Canopy

Hannah Bloomfield, Head of Content Marketing, Capshare

Chad Gregory, Software Engineer, Cgi

Jason Shultz, Ceo, Chaos Elevators, inc

Clayton Barlow, Enterprise Architect, CHG Healthcare

Rob Hanson , , CHG Healthcare

Roger Sengthavychith, Creative Director, Cityworks

Hemant Gore, Systems Dev. Principal , Cognizant Technology Solutions

Brad Dickson, Board Chair, Community Foundation of Utah

Morgan Wesemann, , Connexion Point

Spencer Burgoyne, Senior Java Developer, Consensus

Helaman Ferguson, Engineer, Constellation Labs, LLC

Cameron Lyon, Software engineer, Consultnet

Jonathan Feinauer, SVP, Information Technology Officer, Continental Bank

Kendra Vicars, Network Infrastructure Analyst II, Crossroads Technologies

Dallan Isom, Brand Developer, Dallan Isom

Camille Sparkman, Librarian, Davis County

Morgan Kartchner, Team Lead, Deseret Digital Media

Nate Adams, Software Engineer II, Deseret Digital Media

Susan Bushaw, Production Manager, Deseret Digital Media

Jon Sheppard, Product, DirectScale

Retika Kumar, UX designer , Directscale

Melville Held, Sr. Manager Programming, Discover Financial Services

Brandon King, Designer, Domo

Darin Bunker, Director of engineering, Domo

David Hinckley, DBA, Domo

Diane Stewart, Product Manager, Domo

Julie Newman, Sr. Compensation & Benefits Analyst, Domo

Justin Martin, Senior Software Engineer, Domo

Kyle Tucker, Operations Lead, Partner Services, Domo

Lovina Roundy, Software Developer, Domo

Michael Parker, Technical Solutions Manager, Domo

Preston Rowlette, Software engineer, Domo

Sara Rands, Software engineer, Domo

Tess Arnold, Public Relations Intern, Domo

Nancy Johnson, Executive Assistant, DOMO

Lee Decker, Quality Assurance Engineer, Domo, Inc.

Monica Lundgren, Investigator, eBay

Trina Limpert, Strategy & Performance Manager, eBay

Parker Johansen, CTO, eCoinage

Gavin Mathis, Account Supervisor, Edelman

Edward Bennett, Advisor, Edward Bennett Consulting

Marty Vowles, , Endigit

Nathan Hanson, Principal User Experience Software Engineer, Energy Examplar

Sammie Malan, , Entrata

Austin Roberts, Junior analyst, Epic ventures

Mckay Prestwich , Analyst , EPIC Ventures 

Marlene Daybell, Personal Coach, Exceeding Your Everest

Spencer Dixon, Interactive Designer, Experticity

Dawson Kent, Account Executive , Experticity 

Scott Weber, Software Engineer, FamilySearch

Brent Bradford, Cyber Security Endpoint Engineer, FireEye

JP Dalton, Director of Operations, Four Foods Group

Rob Gardner, Director M&A, Four Foods Group

Lisa Peterson, Client Partner, FranklinCovey

Pawan Katharikuppam, Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Samuel Valdez, Risk Strats Summer Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Phil Naylor, Global Equities Analyst, Grandeur Peak Global Advisors 

Gary Mortensen, Principal Software Engineer, H&R Block

Chris Hansen, Analytic Engineer, Health Catalyst

Kevin Wood, Data Architect, Health Catalyst

Merrill  Tingey , Software Engineer, Health Catalyst 

Lance King, Owner, Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Joe Skeen, Sr. Software Engineer, HealthCatalyst

Adam McDaniel, Director of Product Management, Henry Schein Practice Solutions

Elizabeth Phalp, Homeschool mom, Homeschool

Richard Losee, SE, I-o Corporation

Jeff Grover, Software Eng., IBM

Dustin Wilcock, Principal Software Engineer, Imagine Learning

Jonathan Bond, Senior Product Designer, Infusionsoft

David Bullock, Product Manager, InMoment

Johnny Sun, Product marketing associate, InMoment

Haydn Hunt, Software engineer, Inmoment

Stephen Naylor, Software Engineer in Test, InMoment

Ellen Stucki, QA Engineer, InMoment

Austin Knight, Senior software engineer,

Douglas Ireland, Senior Principal Engineer,

Ian Lawson, Solution Consultant,

Jesse Poulos, Partner Integrations Specialist, Instructure

Dana Igo, Business Analyst, Intermountain Healthcare

Eugenia Hernandez, Elearning Developer, Intermountain Healthcare

Dan Ng, Business Analyst, Intermountain Healthcare

Daniel  Schuyler , Founder, isbootcamp

Julie Hor, User experience designer , Ivanti 

Yuki Bernardi, Software engineer , Ivanti 

Dane Jensen, VP, JPMorgan Chase

Jason Ockey, Senior Associate, Kickstart Seed Fund

Billy Bohmholdt, Realtor, KW Utah Realtors

Johnny Le, Software Engineer, L-3 Technologies

Scott Hastings, Chief Technologist, Software, L3 Technologies

Chris Helmantoler, Solutions Manager , LDS Church

Michael Gibby, Development Manager, LDS Church

Justin Runolfson, Tech. Recruiter, LDS Church

Jill Welch, Developer, Lendio

Laura Luttmer, Product Manager, Lucid Softwar

Carson Gale, Customer Operations Intern, Lucid Software 

James Liebelt, HIPAA Consultant/ Enterprise sales,

Justin Wilkinson, Software Engineer, MacGregor Partners

Jordan Davis, Implementation Manager, MaritxCX

ANTHONY RANALLO, Product owner, MasterControl

John Van Wagenen, Software Engineer, MasterControl

Brian Davis, Software engineer, MDSC

Stuart Jensen, Software Engineer, Microfocus

Heather Bristow, Business Systems Analyst, ModusLink

Parker Worthen, Founder & Partner, Moon & Crater Studios

morgan king, Sr. CIP Auditor, Mr

Jon Ogden, Director of Content Marketing, MX

Samantha Easter, Learning and Development Specialist , MX

Christie Stephenson Saavedra, , N/A

Julie  Johnson, N/a, N/a

Jamie Moss, OD Manager, National Benefit Services

Juliana Plucinik, Research Assistant, NCHAM

Britta Nelson, director of corporate relations, Neumont College of Computer Science

Adam Horrocks, Architect VP, Nice incontact

Jason Gerlach, Sr Build and Release Engineer, NICE inContact

Tim Berrett, IT Architect, Nu Skin

Adam Packard, Client Success Manager, NUVI

Angela Rogers, Owner, Oak Lane Solutions

William Schmidt, Inturn, ObservePoint

Isaac Gifford, , OC Tanner

Kami Wilson, Full-stack Web Developer, OC Tanner

Matt Rider, Software Engineer, OC Tanner

Elizabeth Knight, Independent Health Coach, Optavia

Taylor Matthews, Network Manager, OptConnect

Sara Brueck Nichols, Sr. Director, Marketing Operations & Analytics, OptumRx

Drew Maxfield, Mr, Overstock

Kevin Peterson, Pricing Strategist, Overstock

Natalie Domino, Event Coordinator, Overstock

Sterling Chin, Front End Developer, Overstock 

Andrew Benson, Marketing Events manager,

David Vance, Analyst ,

Ethan Nelson, Director of Training,

Brandon Griffeth, Senior IT Internal Auditor,

Julia Hicks, Communications Associate,

Roberto Mendoza, UX Designer, PayClip

Derek Walker, Developer, Perfectly Posh

Amanda Williams, Backend software developer, Perfectly Posh, LLC

Darren Balls, Consultant , Phoenix Enterprise Computing Service

Kristi Larson, Scrum Master, PlanSwift Software

Aaron Watts, Product Owner, PlanSwift Software LLC

Adam Walker, Product Owner, PlanSwift Software LLC

Jamin Navarro, Fabricator/Website Dev, PlasticWorks

Kim Lynch, Enterprise Account Manager, Plualsight

Aaron Welsh, Solution Architect, Pluralsight

Aaron Rowell, Pluralsight

Adam Schultz, Salesforce Developer, Pluralsight

Adam Sollis, Director Commercial Sales, Pluralsight

adriann everett, Website manager, pluralsight

AJ Foster, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Austin Poulter, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Allan Stewart, Software Architect, Pluralsight

Amber Ellis, Contracts Manager, Pluralsight

Amy Hamblin, TSR, Pluralsight

Amy Dredge, Engineering Manager, Pluralsight

Andy Newman, Acquisitions Editor, Pluralsight

Anthony Catenzaro, , Pluralsight

Ashley Freter, Field Marketing Manager , Pluralsight

Ashton  Jensen, Author Success Manager, Pluralsight

Assis Silva, Lead Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Austin Adamson, Customer Communications Specialist, Pluralsight

Austin Allen, Author Success Manager, Pluralsight

Matt Baker, Architect, Pluralsight

Benjamin Bowman, Sr. Data Analyst, Pluralsight

Benjamin Whicker, Accoun Executive, Pluralsight

Britton Kowalk, AEM Engineer, Pluralsight

Blake David, Acquisitions Editor, Pluralsight

Blake Wilson, Talent coordinator, Pluralsight

Jana Boatright, Account Executive , Pluralsight

Brady Butterfield, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Brandon Campbell, Sr. Content Technologist, Pluralsight

Brandon Larsen, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Brenda Jeppesen, Executive Assistant, Pluralsight

Brenton Walker, Author Success Manager, Pluralsight

Brian Wilson, Director, Pluralsight

Brittany Call, Senior People Business Partner, Pluralsight

BROOKLYNE BAKER, Customer Success Manager, Pluralsight

Candice Martindale, Account Development Manager, Pluralsight

Chad Wessler, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Chase Jensen, Product Manager, Pluralsight

Chris Dabel, Analytics Engineer, Pluralsight

Chris Young, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Christa Lindley, Acquisitions Editor , Pluralsight

Christine Angstman, Pluralsight

Cole Tyler, Finance Analyst, Pluralsight

Cole Quartuccio, UX Designer, Pluralsight

Colton Richins, Corporate Recruiter, Pluralsight

Daniel Davidson, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Dana Gagnon, VP of Branded Content, Pluralsight

Dan Worley, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

David Batten, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

David Johnson, Manager of Financial Reporting, Pluralsight

David Rainey, SFDC Developer, Pluralsight

Daxton Self, Sr. Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Dave Rackham, Product Manager, Pluralsight

Desiree Foard, Purchasing Analyst, Pluralsight

Bressain Dinkelman, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Denise Anderson, VP, Comms, Pluralsight

Dustin McQuay, Software Developer, Pluralsight

Dustin Dance, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Elizabeth Starr, Sr. HR Business Partner, Pluralsight

Eric Alder, Director of Partnerships, Pluralsight

Erik Chase, Salesforce Developer, Pluralsight

Frankie Larsen, Support Rep, Pluralsight

Grant Boudon, Experience Strategy, Pluralsight

Greg Shields, Author Evangelist, Pluralsight

James Hooper, Product Manager, Video Services, Pluralsight

Jameson Wells, Accountant, Pluralsight

Jason Salmond, Author Success Manager, Pluralsight

Jeff Rasmussen, Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Jen Lund, Field Marketing, Pluralsight

Jessica Milne, Creative Producer, Pluralsight

Jill Bailey, CSM, Pluralsight

James Cooper, Software Engineer, Pluralsight

James Cullison, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Jodi Stamm, Analytics Engineer, Pluralsight

Jon Jensen, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Jonathan Greiner, Sr. Manager, Conversion Optimization, Pluralsight

Jonathan Haaga, , Pluralsight

Jonathan Sherman, Strategic Account Manager, Pluralsight

Jorge Barragan, Account Executive , PLURALSIGHT

Justin Jaspersen, Business Development Representative, Pluralsight

Justin Kramer, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Justin Stringfellow, Territory Support Representative, Pluralsight

Kaiden Rawlinson, Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Katy Carpenter, Content Discovery Manager, Pluralsight

Kevin Welch, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Kelly Furness, Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Kenji Bankhead, Product designer, Pluralsight

Kevin Charles, Lead Technical Recruiter, Pluralsight

Kyle Hansen, Sales, Pluralsight

Laurence Young, Solutions Architect, Pluralsight

Danny North, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Leslie Brown, Support Representative, Pluralsight

Manuel Rietzsch, Director, Demand Marketing, Pluralsight

Mark Baer, AP Lead, Pluralsight

Mark Hatch, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Marley  Jardine, Territory Support Representative, Pluralsight

Marlon Vilorio, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Matt Hanson, Acquisitions Editor, Pluralsight

Matt Staheli, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Matthew McMurry, Software craftsman , Pluralsight

Maureen Botoman, Engineering Manager, Pluralsight

Megan Morris, Transcription Manager, Pluralsight

Micah Larsen, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Michael Jannino, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Michael Mixon, Head of Analytics Engineering, Pluralsight

Mikal Kelaidis, Account Development Manager, Pluralsight

Mike McMahan, Sr Manager, Demand Marketing, Pluralsight

Mitchell Dumke, VP of Product, Pluralsight

Tony Naccarato, Senior User Experience Designer, Pluralsight

Natalie House, Director, Digital Experience, Pluralsight

Nathan Burt, Director of Tax, Pluralsight

Nick McCleery, Product Manager, Pluralsight

Nicholas Wheadon, Strategic Partnership Analyst, Pluralsight

Padraic Teglia, Product Support Transition Lead, Pluralsight

Paul Rogers, Head of People Communications, Pluralsight

Peter Chipolone, Sales executive, Pluralsight

Peter Szary, Head of Customer Success, Pluralsight

Rachel Guzman, Office Coordinator, pluralsight

Randy Wood, Legal Counsel, Pluralsight

Raymond Judge, Enterprise Account Executive, Pluralsight

Wes Novack, Systems Engineer, Pluralsight

Richard Wheeler, Sr. Product Analyst, Pluralsight

Rob McCarthy, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Robert Murdock, Customer Success Manager, Pluralsight

Robert Olsen, Compensation Analyst, Pluralsight

Rocky Gibson, Implementation Consultant, Pluralsight

Ross Hayes, B2C Marketing, Pluralsight

Ryan Burnett, Sr. Information Security Engineer, Pluralsight

Samuel Gale, Software Development Engineer, Pluralsight

Sapphire Reels, Product Marketing Manager, Pluralsight

Sarah Van Wagoner, Business Strategy and Operations Analyst, Pluralsight

Shannon Whiteley, Transcription Proofing Supervisor, Pluralsight

Skaught Parry, Event Marketing Sr. Manager, Pluralsight

Brody Smith, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Spencer  Winegar, , Pluralsight

Stephanie Jerome, Digital Enablement- Sales, Pluralsight

Steve Taggart, Software Craftsman , Pluralsight

Stewart Hagberg, Sales, Pluralsight

Isaac Strack, Senior Content Technologist, Pluralsight

TAMRA ONEIL, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Tanelle Oliverson, BDR, Pluralsight

Tatyana Golubeva, Product Manager , Pluralsight

Travis Grossen, Software Craftsman, Pluralsight

Tiffany Shake, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing, Pluralsight

Tiffany Wood, People Operations Specialist, Pluralsight

Tom McConnon, Director of Product Marketing, Pluralsight

Toni Ferrara, Customer Success , Pluralsight

Travis Hurst, Marketing Manager, Pluralsight

Trisha Nord, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Troy Gulbrandsen, Experience Strategist , Pluralsight

Troy Kranendonk, Data ASM, Pluralsight

Tucker  Cottrell, Account Development Manager, Pluralsight

Tyler Clark, Software Engineer, Pluralsight

Tyson Green, A/P Clerk, Pluralsight

Koji Schryver, , Pluralsight

Victoria Lindeman, Territory Support Representative, Pluralsight

Zechariah Haws, Production Editor, Pluralsight

Christine Wong, , Pluralsight

Blake Bertagnolli, Account Executive , Pluralsight 

Ross Hayes, B2C Marketing, Pluralsight 

Peter Hodgson, Contractor , Pluralsight 

Alex Hansen, Senior Accountant, Pluralsight, LLC

Cami Krueger, Contracts Administrator, Pluralsight, LLC

Cody Birt, Territory Support Representative, Pluralsight, LLC

Stephanie Yates, Account Manager, Podium

Dave Tyler, Web/multimedia developer, Priority dispatch 

Tyler North, Sr. Product Manager, Progrexion

Mark Dimond, Marketing Communications Coordinator , ProPay

Justin Flanagan, , PRW law firm

Adam Marre, Information Security Lead, Qualtrics

Coleman  Kuhre , Account Executive , Qualtrics

Ryker Morgan, Senior Marketing Analyst, Rakuten Marketing

Tyson Smith, President , Reading Horizons

Teresa Anderson-Myers, , Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Nicholas Gurney, Account Executive, Red Cone Development

Donald Brown, Retired, Retired

Ryan Tripp, Marketing Manager, Ride Systems

Katie Cherrington, Global Talent, Rio Tinto

Lucas Fowler, Software Engineer, RizePoint

Jacob Argue, BD, Rocketbots

Amy Nelson, Director of Communications & Events, Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce

Christian Monson, iOS developer, Self employed

Axel Hawker, Product Manager, Simplissimo, LLC

Ryan Bliss, UX Design Manager, Skipio

Mark Schultz, Senior Software Engineer, Snap, Inc.

Alex Thayn, Student, Snow College

Chris Lake, Sr. Account Manager, Software Technology Group

Rudyard Hopkins, Product Manager, Solutionreach 

Eric Hilton, Senior Associate, Sorenson Capital

Michael Davis, Product Designer, Sound Concepts

Chris Purdie, Marketing Supervisor , StateFoodSafety

Stephanie Ashcraft, Owner, Stephanie Ashcraft INC

Bryan Hansen, Director, STG

Will Smith, Software Engineer , Teem

Corey Cochran, Senior Developer, ThriveLife

Bill Hill, IT Instructor, Tooele Technical College

Scott Hoopes, Director of Product, Tracking First 

L Joseph Rivest, Founder, tyndl

Tanner Schreyer, UX Designer, UHIN

Josh Graves, Systems Analyst, Unicity International 

Fred Swain, MBA Intern, Union Pacific

Jihoon  Yoo, Software Developer Sr., University of Uah

Andrew Stone, Digital Properties Manager, University of Utah

Yumna Malik, Registered Nurse, University of Utah

Cole Stevenson, Student, University of Utah

Jose Rodrigo Perez Grotewold, Tech Services Supervisor, University of Utah

Ryan Nakamura, Student, University of Utah

Sophia Gagakuma, Sr. Business Analyst , University of Utah

Zbynek Dusatko, software developer, University of Utah

Jared Black, Student, Utah State University

Tyler Orr, Graduate student, Utah State University

Margaret Richards , student, Utah State University

Samantha Thee, Project Manager, Utah Valley University

James Brady, Executive MBA, UVU MBA

Whitney Bullock, Quality Assurance , Varex imaging 

Geoff Nielsen, Director, Contents Data Services & Direct Supplier, Verisk

Stephen Stroup, Manager, Xactware Technical Support, Verisk

Jeremy Lott, Senior software engineer, Vivint

Jordan Myers, Jr Network Engineer, Vivint

Jeffrey Poole, DevOps Manager, Vivint Smart Home

Gordon Cooper, Senior software engineer , VSpatial

Colton Shields, Developer, Weave

Robison Rogers, Product Manager, Weave

Andres Hernandez, Software Engineer, Willis Towers Watson

Harish Modugu, Software Engineer, Willis Towers Watson

Joshua Caldwell, QA Specialist, Willis Towers Watson

Lon Price, Product Owner, Willis Towers Watson

David Miller, Product Owner, Willis Towers Watson

Shawn Mullen, Client Data Integration Analyst, Willis Towers Watson

Zac Velpel, Database Product Owner, Willis Towers Watson

Shane Hathaway, Software engineer, WingCash

Adam Millet, , Workfront

Jessie He, Automation QA, Workfront

Jon Hawkins, Manager, Sales Engineering, Workfront

Xander Canedo, ASE, Workfront

Amy Johnson, Sales, Worldpay

Kevin LeStarge, Front-end web dev, XION

Raj Matharu, SEO, Young Living

Kylee Wilkins, Paid Social Manager, Young Living Essential Oils

Marvi Blandon, Sr. Talent Recruiter , Young Living Essential Oils

Hollie Biesinger, CEO/CTO, Zanzibar Technology

Jana Stratton, Senior Administrative Assistant, Zions Bancorporation

Monica Hess, Systems Engineer, Zions Bancorporation 

Zonda Perry, Owner, zonda llc

Aalysa Drenk 

Aaron Johnson

Alan Hardman 

Alexia  Wilson 

Amy Heinrich

Andrea Curtin

Amy  Roskelley 

Barton Petersen, Software Engineer 

Benjamin Boden

Benjamin Judd

Madeline Bracken 

Brody Schade 

Cade Parker 

Cannon Farr 

Chad Harris 

Chavis Higbee 

Chris Rushton 

Clint  Criddle 

Carrie  Phelps 

Dane Christensen 

Daniel Shelley 

Daniel Kondel 

Donald Harding 

Duane Day 

Eric  Johnston, MD

Ericka Espinoza 

Ethan Zander 

Garren Tiffee

Garrett Holm

Hayden Anderson 

Jacob Austin 

James Teerlink, Student 

Jason Eldredge 

Jesse Fleri 

Jackson Porter, Mr.

Judith Baker 

Leah Leavitt

Kim Johnston 

Kyle Charlesworth 

kyle sheffield

Kylie Smith 

Cassi Hardy 

Olivia Johnston 

Nathan Llewellyn , User Experience Designer 

Logan Anderton, Mr. 

Makenzie Hippen

Noah Christensen 

Nicholas Rodgers 

Parker Tyler 

Preston Lamb, Web Developer 

Sydney  Orton

Scott Hart 

Angela Jones

Mistyamber Reynolds

Kathleen Bailey 

ShaunMicheal Bartschi

Spencer Laudie

Steve Woolley

Chelsie Searle 

Tim Fratto, Senior Software Tester 

Todd Judd

Yurie Lorange 

Victor Soto-Seguel 

James Mallett, Sr QA engineer 

Tonjelle Halladay 

Samuel Johnston

Brynn Mortensen 

Matthew Jeffs 

Jonathan Leininger, MBA Student 

Stephanie Drenk

Erin Fulkerson

Natalie Luker

Stephen Cohen

Tessa Anderson

Cameron Thomas, College Student 

Rachana Keo

Kassie Scribner, Senior Art Director, Adobe

Aaron Airmet, Product Manager, Brigham Young University 

Ariel Allen, Executive Assistant, Domo

Jeffrey Horne, Learning Speacialist , Noodle Partners

Lori  Kun, Head of Social Impact, Qualtrics 

Peregrine Bosler, Development Director , Swaner EcoCenter

Spencer Healey, Marketing Manager, UHIN

Steve Ostermiller, Director, Utah Agile

Julienne West

Ling Gregory, Controller, ActiveCare, Inc.

Darek Gajewski, Infrastructure Business Analyst, Ancestry

Jeff Martin, Sr. Software Developer, Ancestry

Sherry Stevens, Research Manager, Ancestry ProGenealogists

Rodney Burgi, Software Test ,

Devin Baldwin, , BaldwinMedia

Michael Newbry, Ui/UX Developer , Christopherson Business Travel

Melanie Hall, Director of Marketing & Community Relations, Davis Technical College

Rick Arnold, Attorney, Domo

Kristie Rowley, Senior Business Consultant, Domo, Inc.

BRANDON GARDNER, Senior Product Manager, InMoment

Agnes Chiao, Program Manager, Instructure

Marcos Antonio Oliveira da Silva, Student, LDSBC

Angela Gines, IT PMO Director

Brooks Steele

Mohammad Naguib, Sr. Principal Support Engineer, Oracle America Inc.

Paul Kersey, Product Manager, Overstock

Andy Johnson , Managing partner, Peisner 

Beth Gerard-Hess, Author Success Manager, Pluralsight

Darcy  Taniguchi, Pluralsight

Aaron Ethridge, AR Clerk, Pluralsight

Joey Davenport, Systems Engineer, Pluralsight

Ladd Van Brocklin, Pluralsight

Pierce Smith, Account Executive, Pluralsight

Ruth LaDart, Facilities Coordinator, Pluralsight

Tyler Cline, Business Development Rep, Pluralsight

Atul Mahajan, Technologist, Synaptics llc

Jesse Kersey, Owner, Top Utah movers 

Aaron Cavender, Architect, Trade West Systems

Justin Shumway, Student, UVU

Nancy Coffman, Clerical , Visiom Marketing 

Jessica Sorenson, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Workday

Anthony Cruz, Ux designer, Xactware

Bob Stockwell, President, Xaos Marketing LLC

Jay Taylor 

Katherine Boden 

Kevin Christiansen 

Savannah Johnston 

Thomas McPherson

Lynn Goodale