PSOne x NetHope Collaboration

Providing essential skills for the digital nonprofit

Ensuring global nonprofits have access to the critical skills
needed to embark on digital transformation.

Adapting for the future

Becoming a digital nonprofit

Building the technology skills needed to achieve your mission is now an imperative for every organization, but knowing where to start and how to build a culture of lifelong technology learning can be a barrier. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations that often operate with scarce time, funding and resources. It’s critical for nonprofits to develop foundational tech skills in order to move forward with digital transformation successfully.

We’re passionate about creating equal opportunity, and we believe the social sector and the communities they support are at risk of becoming vulnerable in the face of rapid technological change. Because of this, we’ve built a new product drawing from the findings of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, TechSoup’s global research and our own needs assessment on the digital skills that will drive success for global nonprofits today and in the future.

a foundation for skills

Technical literacy

Pluralsight One partnered with NetHope, Humentum and TechSoup to create a suite of resources designed to address the foundational technology skill development needs of nonprofits around the world. Spark is the solution Pluralsight One has created to enable nonprofits to build a technology strategy that aligns to their overall strategy. The solution covers the core components of a tech ecosystem, including: data, software development, IT operations, cloud and security. Spark equips organizations with the skills needed to apply digital solutions to their missions and drive digital transformation.

Digital nonprofit wheel

Our offering

Lay the groundwork for
digital transformation with Spark

With a curated library of 50+ courses in foundational topics like cloud, security and data, Spark helps NGOs apply digital solutions to their organizational mission, create a foundation of knowledge and make data-driven decisions from the very beginning. Spark serves as the first step to becoming a digital organization, and is a solution that precedes our full platform offerings, Elevate and Amplify, which offer the in-depth technical expertise that is needed for implementation of the digital initiatives you choose to pursue.

In addition to curated courses, Spark also provides:


Personalized learning that removes the guesswork by helping your team build the right skills in the right order.


Combine sections of different courses or paths to create a custom learning plan aligned to your team goals.

Advanced skills analytics 

See individual skill level and topic-level insights to understand current proficiency.

Advanced channels analytics 

Measure progress toward organizational objectives by ensuring teams are completing assigned content and courses.

Starting at

$40 /per seat+ volume discount
billed annually

how it works

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Collaborating for impact

Spark: Providing essential skills for the digital nonprofit

Pluralsight One and NetHope, together with Humentum and TechSoup, have created a new set of Technical Literacy resources to boost the digital skills of all nonprofit organizations.


NetHope’s learning pathways

NetHope's five learning pathways of Technical Literacy will help you navigate the digital landscape and find the information you need.


Technology support for the nonprofit

TechSoup courses offer digital skills training across a wide variety of common tools and nonprofit use cases. All courses are contextualized specifically for nonprofits.


Advancing operational excellence for social good

Humentum is pleased to share the NetHope Digital Skills Framework with their member organizations.