Hour of Code

Be a part of the global movement

What will you create?

Hour of Code

What does creativity mean to you?

The answer to this question is one we want you to share with learners all around the globe. What will you create––and how do creativity and technology intersect in your life or your work?

In honor of Computer Science Education Week, December 3-9, and our partner Code.org’s Hour of Code, we’re asking you to take a video of yourself answering these questions. Share it to your social channels with #HourOfCode and #PluralsightOne, so we can reshare our favorites. Upload the video here for the chance to be included in our compilation video.

Computer science is about so much more than computers. It’s about solving problems though passion, collaboration and creativity. During Hour of Code, learners worldwide will uncover something to love about computer science, to see that they also have the power to code and create.

Join us by sharing your story to help them to find that passion and unlock their creativity.

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