Our Investments

Our investments are designed to amplify the impact of our product and human capital and to drive measurable, lasting outcomes at scale.


A holistic approach to empowering communities

Pluralsight One invests in transformative solutions for the social and K-12 education sectors. We believe in betting big when opportunities arise. We’re driven by our guiding principles and go deep with our partners—because sometimes the only way to realize your moonshot is by investing in someone else’s.

how we do it 

How we invest

Fund impact, not symptoms

We fund high-impact, expert-led organizations that know how to effectively measure the results of their efforts.

Love of humanity

Our partners are unrelenting in their commitment to humanity and equality. They are working to ensure that the basic human right of education is universally realized.

Zero ego

We invest in organizations that are without ego. (Or as close to any human-led organization can be!) We partner to accelerate their impact and envision a future where they are obsolete—because the root problem they set out to address has been solved.

Build agency, not reliance

We believe that potential is evenly distributed. We invest in organizations that build agency and sustainability through local leadership development and co-creating solutions with the communities they support.

Systems change

Impact at scale doesn't come from single projects. It comes from understanding systems, addressing root causes and chipping away at the links between cause and effect. We fund systems change and seek out partners with a commitment to outstanding impact.

Impressive performance

Unrestricted funding drives innovation and growth. We only work with organizations we trust will maximize unrestricted funds.

Partnerships for sustained impact

We understand the time and commitment it takes to achieve lasting change. We strive to achieve sustained, multi-generational impact with trusted, balanced partners who understand the nuanced implications of their activities and track outcomes to ensure solutions last.

No unsolicited requests

We don't accept unsolicited proposals or requests for funding. We study organizations’ impact methodologies and draw from documents they already have on hand.

Engage meaningfully

We conduct site visits and cultivate honest lines of communication. We explore opportunities to deepen and scale impact and are engaged partners in this work.

A scalable solution

We look for solutions that can drive exponential impact—solutions that have the right leadership, a smart strategy, bold ambition and the team needed to execute with excellence.


Protecting rights, rebuilding communities


Investing in a better future for more than 130 million girls


Working to ensure every student in Utah has the opportunity to learn computer science


Empowering, engaging and advocating for K-12 computer science teachers


Working to give every student in every school the opportunity to learn computer science


Closing the opportunity divide for young adults


How we work

We look for organizations that are built around a big idea, act on evidence, are masters in their craft and are deeply connected to the problems they seek to tackle. These organizations keep pace with the evolution of needs, applying technology to accelerate their work and amplify social impact. We fund toward:


Radical solutions to huge problems

Our priorities are:

OPPORTUNITY: Increase access to technology skill development and promote inclusion across the globe

EDUCATION: Revolutionize the way the world learns by addressing the root causes of the increasing technology skills gap in order to prevent nonprofit organizations, educators and the populations they support from becoming left behind.

EMPLOYABILITY: Equip individuals with the technology skills they need to access dignified employment, thrive and keep pace in any industry.

INNOVATION: Invest in catalytic solutions that accelerate our mission and the missions of nonprofits around the world.

Where we fund

Pluralsight One invests globally while maintaining a special focus on its home state of Utah.