Year up

Closing the opportunity divide for young adults


What they do

Year Up is a 20-year old national workforce training program operating 29 sites across 18 cities. Year Up rigorously prepares underserved young adults for successful corporate careers and higher education, and enables them to move from minimum wage to meaningful careers—in just one year.

Mission: Year Up’s mission is to close the opportunity divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience and support that will empower them to reach their potential.

Why we love them: Year Up achieves its mission through a one-year, intensive training program. The program provides young adults, ages 18-24, with hands-on skill development, coursework, corporate internships and wrap-around support. Its approach focuses on students’ professional and personal development to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Our partnership

Year Up is deepening its workforce connections by leveraging the Pluralsight platform

Using Pluralsight as a mechanism to support students, staff and alumni, Year Up hopes to bridge the technology skills gap in order to promote career progression and development at scale.

Our partnership with Year Up works to support capacity building for staff, instructors, youth participants and alumni. It also includes technical strategy support that maps Pluralsight content to Year Up’s organizational goals and learning outcomes in support of a smooth and successful pathway for ongoing skill development for its youth and alumni.

Our goals 

To advance our shared goals of supporting underserved learners, our partnership includes


A product-based grant of $12.4 million

6,500 licenses in year one, with an additional 4,500 each in years two and three.



A $100,000 cash investment from Pluralsight One in 2019.
$250k grant in 2020 to support continuity for interns and alumni during COVID-19 and prevent long-term unemployment. 

impact snapshot

Year Up’s 2018 target outcomes

  • 100% of qualified students will be placed in a 6-months-long corporate internship
  • 90% of graduates are employed and/or enrolled in postsecondary education within four months of completing the program
  • $19/hour ($38,000/year) is the average starting wage for employed graduates
  • 90+% of corporate partners would recommend Year Up to a friend or colleague
  • Year Up is one of nine leading programs selected to participate in the federally sponsored Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE) evaluation.


2019-2021 strategic priorities

Deliver demand-driven services to the market

Focus on developing more large-scale relationships with employers across industries and geographies and invest in market responsiveness to attract leading employers.

Demonstrate sustainability through co-location

Adapt model to co-locate within community colleges, reducing cost per student so that earned income can fully cover operating expenses and develop stronger pathways to employment.

Foster alumni advancement and leadership

Strengthen National Alumni Association to provide alumni with resources to succeed in their careers and education. Work to provide resources like career coaching, supporting in post-secondary ed and professional development.

Build a stronger talent marketplace

Year Up will work to scale to the size necessary to serve all young adults in need of opportunity by sharing knowledge with a wide range of partners who bring social, political and economic capital to provide opportunity.